The quality of life that one lives, is defined by the environment. The home and its interiors can directly affect our health positively or negatively. It is more relevant for senior citizens or the elderly who may also be in a disabled condition with less strength and mobility.

In these modern times, many elders find themselves alone and without social support in old age and so need to live in an assisted community. This has become a common trend globally. Now in India also the aging population ratio has increased. So the demand for such communities is poised to increase over time. Avon offers a well-planned design for such projects within Karnataka. Even within the joint family homes, the interiors of the elderly must be designed, for safety.

So what are the common points to remember when designing specific interiors for the seniors? Here are some tips.

  • Wider doors for wheelchairs
  • Double doors
  • Ramp at entrance
  • Burglar/Smoke alarms
  • Security Camera
  • No carpets
  • Anti-skid tiles
  • Replace bathroom tiles with Granite

Interior Design Tips for Elderly-friendly Tips on Designing Elderly-Friendly Homes
  • Stairlifts
  • Ambient lighting
  • Night lamp
  • Less furniture/Clutter-free
  • Light in staircase
  • Side table near the bed
  • Wide grip lever Door handles
  • Broad windows with plenty of sunshine

If the elders are doing their cooking, then it becomes necessary to redesign their kitchen. One cannot expect the elders to bend forward and reach for shelves or drawers. So the design must be such as avoiding bending with added push open systems. The operation of appliances should also be as simple as possible. It is a great idea to have transparent glass door cabinets with lighting to see through what is inside without actually opening them.

Avon has good experience in construction and interiors for the elderly and has a very innovative design team with rich experience to plan designs for different types of budgets.