Structural Steel in the Construction Industry

Besides construction, structural steel has applications in many other sectors like making equipment, vehicles, machinery, etc. Structural steel is mainly used, in the construction industry for its strength and rigidity. So we see it in the construction of huge structures like skyscrapers, bridges, warehouses, railways stations, hangers, and the like.

Construction works in bangalore Structural steels for building

Structural steel is never mild steel. It differs from mild steel by having higher carbon content. Unlike Structural steel used in construction, we see that mild steel has other applications in vehicles, beverages cans, etc.

What is the type of steel components that goes into the construction of such buildings? Mostly long channels, beams along with angles, plates, etc. Structural steel is known to survive for many years, and in the future, can also be recycled or modified. Structural shapes like the “I’ beam can take a very high load without sagging.

Some of the common types of structural steel are
➤ Forged steel
➤ Carbon steel
➤ Corrosion-resistant steel
➤ High strength low alloy steel

It is a known fact that the base steel must have a thickness greater than 0.003 inches. And all the external steel structures that get exposed to the outside weather must have a minimum thickness of 0.23 inches. Here are some of the properties and parameters used in standard structural steel.

➤Tensile strength
➤ Density
➤ Yield Strength
➤ Melting point
➤ Specific heat
➤ Hardness
➤ Poisson’s ratio
➤ Elasticity

The most commonly found structural steel is ASTMA36 and has a yield strength of 36000psi. The Indian Standard Code for structural steel design for structures are
IS:816: 1969
IS:1161: 1998

In the construction of high-rise buildings, structural steel will not break but only bend. So they can withstand storms and earthquakes. Due to the flexibility factor, light gauge steel is used, in high-rise residential buildings. Also, since all steel frameworks /sections are always available readymades, structures get erected very quickly. Often the steel is coated with other materials to make them fire/corrosion resistant.

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