The power of Steel in Construction

In the field of construction, the building material used globally today is reinforced concrete. Steel is almost always used as reinforcement because it binds very well with concrete. And steel is not only strong by itself but has a similar expansion coefficient to concrete. Iron being the base metal, steel is an alloy. At Avon, we recognize this high tensile strength and affordability of steel that is the first choice in building construction.

Steel for Building Works Steel for Construction Works

Structural steel is also commonly used in the construction of buildings, factory sheds, bridges, etc. Steel frames can take heavy loads and cover more areas. Besides being cost-effective, structural steel is also ductile, tensile, and flexible. So it becomes the first choice of metal fabricators too. Mild steel is used in construction and is also known as plain-carbon steel. Bonding wires made of mild steel is used to bind together the steels bars at junction points. Thus the purpose of the binding wire is to prevent dislocation of the iron bars. The binding wire holds the lapped bars in the perfect planned position when pouring concrete.

At Avon, we go by the IS 280 standard and use the required gauge and quantity of binding wires for most projects. Different types of steel have their preferred applications. Carbon steel or wrought iron are only for decorative railings and gates. Thermo Mechanical Treatment (TMT) steel bars are also mainly used and they use hot twisting technology. CTD (Cold Twisted Deformed Bars are also high-end reinforcement steel. CRS(Corrosion Resistance steel) is the ideal choice for projects near water bodies. Besides reinforcement, steel is also used as a structural component. This is because high buildings are always at risk of high-speed winds and earthquakes. The property of bending of the steel instead of breaking makes it the right choice in construction. Thus this plasticity using light gauge steel makes it ideal for use. When exposed to high temperatures steel can get affected and hence they have certain layers of coating on the surface that makes them corrosion resistant.

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